Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday Zeppoles

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Today I ate 3 Zeppoles at one of my student's art shows. It was a lot of Zeppoles.

Zombies & David Sedaris

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WWZD? What would Zombies do? It is the new question I have popping into my head whenever things become overwhelming, boring, or heated. (Also what would I do if Zombies attacked.) I recently saw David Sedaris perform at C.W. Post and he suggested a book to the audience titled The Zombie Survival Guide. He spoke about how it was a good idea to consider how you might react if Zombies attacked in odd situations such as your workplace or the subway. He had a point when he said that pondering Zombie attacks was better than pondering people who had done you wrong. I laughed but later found it a very effective.
It's a bit like getting a song stuck in your head and trying to get it out. Whenever I have a song in my head that I need to refresh I think of the song Secret Agent Man. It works like a charm. Zombie attacks are the same equivalent for obsessive thoughts.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Emo hell

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Here's an old favorite sketchbook drawing I just re-scanned. (Turning 30 was a little tougher than expected.)

Mermaids, Burritos, & the Mets

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Here's a small sketch I did of a famous mermaid I met last week on the Palisades Parkway named Croox-Aix. She said she was 125 years old and she loves Sunsets, Flowers, Charlie Chaplin films, and the Mets minor league (she hangs out in Staten Island). I met her at this great taco stand that sells pork and corn burritos with jasmine rice- delicious!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Defensive Driving & You ... A Magic Experience.

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I drew this while sitting in one of those 5 hour defensive driving courses you need to take to lower your insurance. The teacher was a boring guy so I imagined him as an evil overlord. It helped keep me entertained.

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Here's a drawing I worked back into digitally. I drew it during my lunch duty at school earlier in the week. It has some of that high school feel.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Film Festival Madness

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We are now one month away from this year's strictly students film festival and I am starting to get excited. I screened 25 films this weekend with my board and there were a few amazing student films. The fest is in it's 3rd year so it's begun to grow and the films are getting better every year. This year we are offically a non-for-profit company and we will continue to keep the festival free for high school students who are interested. I can't wait to see the rest! I'm in the middle of editing a film for Big Brothers and Big Sisters for the festival. We reached out and made a film with the BBBS kids and their Bigs. The kids came up with a pretty cool idea and the film looks pretty cool so far. We are going to premiere the preview tomorrow at a large event. It should be cool.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut 1922-2007

Kurt Vonnegut was a favorite author of mine and I was upset to hear of his passing yesterday. It sounds like he was in pretty bad condition for a while so it may have been a relief. I'll never forget my encounter with Kurt a few years ago. I was in the middle of reading his autobiography during a summer weekend in Montauk. I had stopped at a deli for some coffee on my way home and found him sitting next to my girlfriend on the bench outside. What are the odds of meeting an author while you're in the middle of his book? He was a terrific guy and we spoke for a little while and he signed my book. He was a great guy and a terrific author.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Art from the Heart

Here is the painting I'm auctioning off for the breast cancer show next week. It's a pretty cool event. It's always cool to work with other artists for a larger cause, I really believe in collaboration in art. I've also had so many relatives get cancer I've begun to think if you live on Long Island, it's just a matter of time?

Vacation Wednesday

I'm on vacation from teaching this week so I've been doing artwork constantly. I've also been trying to catch up on some of the digital stuff I've wanted to do. I have an artshow next week that's a benefit for breast cancer so I wanted to show some new work. Here's one of the sketches I digitized today. It's a drawing of a middle school teacher I know, I did it on lunch duty.

Earth Fries, try them some time...they're delicious with a burger.