Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maureen's Kitchen: An Offbeat Eatery with the Breakfast to Remember

If you're on Long Island and you love a serious breakfast or gourmet lunch you know Maureen's Kitchen in Smithtown. It's the well kept secret every foodie seems to know which is evident if you're trying to catch breakfast on Sunday. With their famous cow decor it's the offbeat fun experience everyone remembers and locals live by. Whatever the wait, Maureen's is worth it serving up outstanding breakfast favorites such as the croissant French Toast with cream cheese and raspberries and an egg omelet with asparagus and Havarti cheese. I love their lunches as well especially the cranberry chicken salad with melted cheese on chipmunk bread and of course their million dollar sandwich which consists of a chicken cutlet with balsamic vinaigrette, spinach, caramelized onions, and roasted peppers on flat bread. If you make the trip be sure to bring cash because credit cards aren't accepted and try to hit it in the off hours because you'll avoid the wait. Maureen's is a Long Island landmark that hasn't rested on it laurels so enjoy!