Monday, August 11, 2008

Free Adult Movies...and Bacon

Breakfast is great. That's why I had 3 of them today on the drive up to Maine from Boston. Pictured is the winning breakfast by a quick Tysonesque knockout- "The King Cakes". Named for Elvis these mammoth chocolate chip banana pancakes were sandwiched with a healthy portion of peanut butter inbetween and it was topped with some perfectly crisp bacon and homemade whip creme- amazing. I found this treasure in a quirky little eatery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire called Friendly Toast that is a little hipster paradise snugly wedged into the historic buildings on the main drag in town. My drive through northern New England was plagued by bad weather but I managed to snag a couple of interesting photos on the drive- my favorite is the motel offering Free Adult Movies to patrons on their sign- how weird is that?

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