Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Zombies & David Sedaris

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WWZD? What would Zombies do? It is the new question I have popping into my head whenever things become overwhelming, boring, or heated. (Also what would I do if Zombies attacked.) I recently saw David Sedaris perform at C.W. Post and he suggested a book to the audience titled The Zombie Survival Guide. He spoke about how it was a good idea to consider how you might react if Zombies attacked in odd situations such as your workplace or the subway. He had a point when he said that pondering Zombie attacks was better than pondering people who had done you wrong. I laughed but later found it a very effective.
It's a bit like getting a song stuck in your head and trying to get it out. Whenever I have a song in my head that I need to refresh I think of the song Secret Agent Man. It works like a charm. Zombie attacks are the same equivalent for obsessive thoughts.

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