Friday, June 20, 2008

Get Smarter

Get Smart is an entertaining film that is built of cheap but effective humor. As a huge fan of the original series by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry my expectations were not lofty but the film did a pretty good job and had the audience laughing consistently. The script seems to borrow a good deal from fellow “spymedy” Austin Powers and alludes to the original series occasionally but the cast comes through in giving the film a distinctive flavor. Overall the film was definitely watchable and has a future as one of the fluffy, think-free films that lives on for years in cable re-runs.

In terms of acting Steve Carell doesn’t quite live up to Don Adams shoes but brings his reoccurring dopey character to the part with success and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson actually impressed me (possibly because I had any expectations at all). The rest of the cast falls in suit- Anne Hathaway looks pretty and shiny in stylish clothes (exactly what you’d expect from her role) and Masi Oka paired with Nate Torrence bring some geek charm. The star of the film is really Alan Arkin whose offbeat comedic performance makes the film along with a great collection of short appearances by well known comics and actors- Bill Murray and James Caan are especially notable as an agent in a tree and a imbecilic president.

It’s not high in content but farts are funny so if you need a laugh check it out.

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