Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Governor David Paterson's 21st Century Budget

This week New York's new governor David Paterson was irritated by the harsh spoof on Saturday Night Live. First of all learn how to take a joke, secondly I think SNL may have been onto something after hearing about his new budget plan.

Three days after the show he announced his new budget which adds taxes on itunes, soda, juice, the spa, and increases the tax on gas, movie tickets, live sports, taxi rides, beer, cable television, satellite radio, and satellite TV. In addition he wants to cut school funding by nearly 700 million dollars, raise tuition at state and city colleges and universities, and eliminate the STAR rebate homeowners get on their school taxes.

All these new changes seem like an unfit way to balance the state budget plus the state plans on increasing spending next year. The governor really appears out of touch with the 21st Century but on the plus side he is making former Governor Spitzer look better.

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