Friday, June 19, 2009

On my way to Japan

This week I leave for a long trip to Japan and I've been studying up on the history, language, and culture. Here's the song I'm learning along with the group of educators I'm traveling with (it was the only song by a Japanese artist to ever hit number 1 on the charts in the US). Among the surprises in my research was how small the country really is, the fact that speaking English is something you find everywhere even though it is usually taught in schools, and their public toliets are not flush toliets, they are squat toliets (I'll let my animated friend Shimajiro show you how to use them).

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nimsey said...

Oh boy. Most of the toilets I used in China were squats. Unless you were in a hotel or my dorm. Bring your own TP.

Have a blast! When you get back, I want to know more about how you got to go.