Monday, December 7, 2009

Theater Review: Company XIV's Le Serpent Rouge!

Sex and decadence abound in Brooklyn’s Le Serpent Rouge!, a wonderfully theatrical and somewhat sensational retelling of the story of Adam & Eve through dance by Company XIV. Choreographer Austin McCormick assembles five eclectic performers dressed sometimes only in pasties or a thong (and occasionally less) to reenact the story of man’s fall from grace with a comical, if not feminist edge, and a hip amalgam of pop culture reference.

The story, narrated by a dominatrix ring leader from hell (Gioia Marchese), follows a very indecisive Adam (Nick Fesette) as he pushes away Lilith (the new woman of my dreams, Yeva Glover) due to her lack of soul for Eve (Laura Careless) only to later yearn for her as time progresses from the Garden of Eden to the modern day nightmare that some consider a marriage. The piece is broken up with fun lip-synched vignettes and some of the tightest dancing in the show by Davon Rainy who doubles as the servant of heaven and hell.

The performance runs through January 17 and is staged 303 Bond Street, a former truck garage that was cleverly transformed through Zane Philstrom’s simple yet creative set design and props along with some brilliant lighting courtesy of Gina Scherr. McCormick blends Cecilia Bartoli and Baroque with James Brown and a drag queen to produce a piece that is as entertaining as it is impressive and intricate. The performance is smart and visually awe inspiring and should be packaged along with a piece of artisan chocolate and mailed to every hipster on the planet for the holidays.

For: Short & Sweet NYC

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