Saturday, May 8, 2010

Concert Review: Dion Roy & Ryan Cabrera music cruise

There might be no activity that attracts the “Bridge and Tunnel” crowd more than a "Rock's Off" concert cruise around Manhattan at night but that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile experience. In truth the crowd was oddly eclectic mixing young and old with A-list with last call making the four hour cruise as interesting for the people watching as it was for the music and scenery. The show opened with a short set by singer/songwriter Matt Lowell which was perfect in such an intimate space especially when it’s accented with the spectacular view of the sun setting over the skyline.

He was followed by South African native, Dion Roy who had an equally chill acoustic set featuring songs from Gallery, his recently released debut album. Dion's laid back sound was the perfect fit for the moment as the boat cruised slowly under the Brooklyn Bridge and along the south shore of Mahattan. The most shocking thing about Dion is that this same mild mannered musician choose to submit himself to singing into "Will the Farter's" rectal gas onslaught shortly after the performance in order to perform on the Howard Stern show.

Finally the microphone was passed on to headliner Ryan Cabrera who proved that he is every bit as much of a tool as you might think. He started off his performance well and interacted with the audience but after a few drinks he let his douche flag fly and it was all over. Still it was more funny than annoying and his songs were mellow in their live incarnations so all’s well that ends well. Overall the experience was well worth the ticket price and the songs of all three singers might well have been better live than recorded so it made for a great night.

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