Friday, September 23, 2011

Beirut @ Terminal 5 9.22.2011

Last night Beirut played the second of their two shows at New York's Terminal 5 to a packed house of notably young and/or European fans. Stereolab's Leatitia Sadier opened up the show and as soon as singer Zach Condon and the band hit the stage it was obvious that they were on top of their game with a spot on sound. They played a little over a hour and a half and the set included most of their fan favorites such as: "Postcards from Italy", "Elephant Gun", & "A Sunday Smile" as well as a number of tracks off their new album The Rip Tide. While the songs have a tendency to sound repetitive, they're still terrific and the band changed it up occasionally keeping it interesting. The show was one of those rare times when an artist played a number of songs off the new album and the crowd was overjoyed to hear it.

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