Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jackson Browne @ Westbury Music Fair 10.12.2011

The audience had a self-appointed elevated presence at Jackson Browne's solo acoustic benefit performance at the Westbury Music Fair on Wednesday night shouting out numberous marriage proposals and birthday wishes between the calls for songs in every moment of potential silence. Browne who took the stage framed by a keyboard and just under 20 guitars realized early that he may have opened up Pandora's Box when he mentioned an earlier performance at the Music Fair in which someone shouted out an obsure song request that he played which eventually helped lead him in the direction of the new format sans setlist.

The mellow, sentimental sound did not pair well with the abrasive shouting but didn't spoil the night as Browne played two sets of songs ranging from lesser known gems like the recent "Off Of Wonderland" and the seldom played "Sing My Songs To Me" to his mainstream hits such as "Running On Empty". "The Pretender" and "Doctor My Eyes". One of the unfortunate consequences of all the crosstalk was that it cutback on Jackson's storytelling inbetween songs but he did manage to tell an amazing story leading up to my personal favorite "These Days" about playing a show with Tim Buckley early on in his career and ending up at a wild party in Stony Brook. He said "everywhere I went people just kept looking at me and I was like- what? and for a while I was thinking, well, I guess they never seen anybody from California" but then realized everyone was on acid. He closed out the show with a short encore featuring the aptly timed Little Steven song "I Am A Patriot".

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