Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Difficult Goodbye to Shea Stadium

It's a somber day for Mets fans stuck closing out Shea Stadium with a devastating loss that killed our postseason hopes- difficult but not entirely unexpected. I love the Mets and I know it's a team you have to love because there's no other way to stomach the ups and predictable downs that we deal with through the years.

Sure Yankee fans have the dead heros and the miles of championship banners but they don't have the gritty determination of the Mets fans. Only a Red Sox or Cub fan can really understand our drama. It's strange seeing Shea Stadium, the park where I saw my first game, close after taking it for granted through the years but I guess that's progress.

Something tells me that if I can ever get a hold of seats to the new Citi Field Park and have a cup of Starbucks and a gourmet meal (that I'm sure will burn through my wallet) I'll learn to love it- at least we have Santana next year...

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