Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Music Reviews

I've been reviewing some new albums for the blog Short & Sweet NYC and one of my favorites of the bunch has been What Doesn’t Kill Us by the band What Made Milwaukee Famous. The album has a few tracks such as “Sultan”, “And the Grief Goes On...,”, and “To Each His Own” that really stayed with me and ended up in the regular rotation on my Ipod. I can really see this band becoming a force to recon with in the coming years.

I also reviewed Matt Pryor's new album Confidence Man which wasn't as cohesive. Matt clearly has something to offer but it only comes together a few times on the album. The title track is the one to listen if you want to check it out. I'm going to his performance Friday with Kevin Devine and Scott Matthew at the Bowery Ballroom. Kevin's always puts on a great show and from the album I suspect Matt might be good live performer as well so it should be a good show. I also hear that there may be a reunion of his former band The Get Up Kids someday soon which would be awesome.

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