Sunday, July 27, 2008

A downpour with Howard Stern

I'm finally back in New York for a while and chose to recover from my jet-lag by heading out to the Hamptons. Unfortunately I missed the annual Jack Kerouac softball game that I was going to participate in (a local artists vs. writers game) so I went out to Southampton for lunch. I passed Howard Stern and his fiancee Beth Ostrosky in town and said hello- I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that the XM- Sirius radio merger has finally been approved. I've loved Sirius since it came out and I'm a big Stern fan but I've been aching for the MLB baseball as well and it's finally here.

I didn't photograph the couple because they had their bikes and helmets on and it felt intrusive but shortly after I saw them the skies opened up and it proceeded to downpour. My girlfriend and I ran into the Parrish Museum for a while which has an interesting show on artists that incorporate sand into their work. It was a pretty lofty show with work from artists such as: Picasso, Dennis Oppenheim, and Jackson Pollock (talk about diverse). One of my favorite pieces was Spencer Tunick's nude desert landscape- sure it's easy to like with all the nudity but I found that it's sense of design and location was alluring because the nude figure became more of a design element. On the way out we saw one of my girlfriend's favorite fashion designers Austin Scarlett of Project Runway in the museum waiting out the rain with us. I feel a bit weird even knowing who Austin is but I'm as an artist I find the show really interesting and I've become a big fan.

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