Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Midsummer Classic

With the All Star Game at Yankee Stadium this year I had a chance to attend the Home Run Derby which at $200 a seat before scalpers had a lot to live up to and thanks to Josh Hamilton it did. The night was full of that nostalgic sense of baseball Americana with hundreds of flashes going off in the enthused crowd and the music from The Natural blasting as Hamilton surpassed the record for most home runs with 28 staggering shots to the bleachers and upper deck. The event was clearly a family affair with ballplayers and fans bringing the kids for a fun night at the park complete with all the major league mascots running around the stadium. The final round went to the Twin's Justin Morneau but it was the Rangers All-Star Josh Hamilton that made it memorable.

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What's-her-name's Blog said...

The pics look awesome- looks like you had a great time. Love the one of the sky over Yankee Stadium... didn't know the Bronx had it in it!