Saturday, July 26, 2008

San Francisco Culture

While attending Adobe's Education Leaders Bootcamp this week I had an opportunity to spend a few hours checking out the city's art and music scene and it blew me away. The city has always had an enormous amount of creative elements but the amount of cutting edge art and music has grown a great deal in the last year. I'm a huge fan of SF based graffiti and art magazine Juxtapoz so it's not too surprising that the graffiti scene has grown in town but there are also a growing number of local shops and mags like Kid Robot and Giant Robot (which are totally unrelated) reflect the art scene. In addition to graffiti art the city has a huge number of fine art galleries for both contemporary and classic art and photography.
In the music scene there are some great small venues around town which showcase local performers and Haight Street also has Amoeba Records, the largest independently owned music shop in the world where a music fan can get lost for hours. The SF Gate has a great online guide to all the shows going on if you're in town and it seems like you never have to travel too far for some cool music. The biggest regret I have is that I didn't have more time to explore the art and music so next year I'll be coming in early with my sketchbook.

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