Friday, August 8, 2008

A Evening at the The Longhouse Reserve

I traveled out to East Hampton earlier this evening for a visit to one of my favorite art spaces, the Longhouse Reserve. The Longhouse is essentially the home of Jack Lenor Larsen, one of the world's premiere textile designers, but it also serves as an art and education non-profit organization.

The longhouse itself is an amazing building based on a 7th century Shinto shrine from Japan and I was lucky enough to see it first hand a few years ago during my first visit when Mr. Larsen gave me a personal tour. What I love about the building is the amazing collection of art and handcrafts, it also had the coolest kitchen I've ever seen with back lit shelving covered in fabric, an amazing design.

The estate also contains an enormous garden and sculpture collection that is beautifully landscaped. The work of some of my favorite sculptors such as: Dale Chihuly, Willem de Kooning, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Louise Bourgeois, and Buckminster Fuller can be seen out on the enormous property. It's definitely a visit that is worth taking if you ever have free time on a Saturday!

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