Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Elmer's Barn

I drove out to Elmer's Barn, a great antique and art barn in Coopers Mill, Maine yesterday to take some pictures. The barn is a well stocked 3 story shop loaded with an interesting collection of Americana and mementos. I spent over an hour looking through the never-ending piles of interesting stuff such as: ancient tools, 1950's family photographs, handmade sculptures cut out from steel saw blades, and 1970's soda cans. The place was pretty amazing but after an hour I was so dreary that if I had found Teddy Roosevelt's teeth for sale I wouldn't have noticed it.

I was only 14 miles out of the Capital City of Augusta so I thought I'd go and try to grab a Starbucks coffee and see the city. When I entered the city I thought I had made a wrong turn because no city- just a street with some nearly abandoned historic buildings. It felt like a city that had burned down years ago and no one mentioned it to the handful of residents that stayed on. There were barely even people but on the way back I did catch this magnificent photo of a guy mowing his lawn in what appeared to be a bathing suit?

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