Sunday, August 10, 2008

On the Road in New England

I spent the day traveling through New England on the way up to mid coast Maine for a week long stay. I drove out to the North Shore of Long Island to grab the Orient Point Ferry to New London, Connecticut. I stopped out in Greenport to grab dinner and take a walk around. I love the North Fork of Long Island out on the east end in the summer and unfortunately I just don't get a chance to get out there much. I snagged a table at the classic Claudios restaurant but after waiting 15 minutes for service I left to try a new place in town BBQ Bill's, which was great.

The ferry ride across the Sound was perfect during sunset with a nice summer breeze. I've made the trip across on the ferry countless times over the years having gone to school in Boston for awhile and I've always loved it. I made a few pit stops along the way stopping off in Providence, Rhode Island for some much needed Starbucks and a trip through Brown University and a local outdoor Italian Festival (on Long Island we just call them festivals). I stopped off in Woburn, Massachusetts for the night and I'll be spending some time in Boston, New Hampshire, and Portland tomorrow.

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