Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Walkmen at Bowery Ballroom 8.18.08

Yesterday I arrived in Manhattan just in time to see one of my favorite bands The Walkmen perform at The Bowery Ballroom. I was immediately impressed with how good they sounded live and was awed with their ability to get such a raw "wall of sound" in a small club. The house was packed for the sold out show as they performed a number of new songs off their album You & Me which is released officially today . I bought the album as part of a special digital pre-sale yesterday which donated all the proceeds to Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center (from which my father was just recently released- so it seemed appropriate).

The band showed off a few new tracks like "Donde Esta La Playa" and "Seven Years of Holidays (For Stretch)" and mixed in fan favorites like "Louisiana" and "We've Been Had". It was a fantastic show and the band did a great job of mixing it up adding a horn section every so often for a brighter sound then taking it down a step with a bare bones accompaniment. It was a great way to welcome back New York after being away for over a week, now I just have to begin catching up on sleep and I'll be good for September.

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