Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In Chad, I mean Brett We Trust?

The New York Jets have taken a front row seat to the Brett Favre circus out in Green Bay in the last week and now the circus is coming to New York and we're happy to have it in town. The likely hood that the career victory leader would end up in New York seemed unlikely with the mention of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers always taking precedent but late Thursday night it became official according to Fox News. I feel like we got away with one of those crazy trades you propose when you're a kid- like trading a Joe Montana rookie card for a piece of gum. Either way, as a Jets fan you have to be excited having a future hall of famer lead the team when you get the sense he's still got.

After watching the situation with the Packers and Brett fall apart I expect we may soon hear some of the dirty details that led to the quick falling out. The Packers seemed to be in a nearly impossible situation with their new quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Brett suddenly back from retirement. The entire situation became a sports version of a crazy Spanish-speaking soap opera because it became stranger and stranger, but hey with the Mets and Yankees both doing poorly as of late it made for something else to focus on for a while. According to the trade is likely to include a 4th round pick which may become a 3rd round pick depending of Brett's performance- either way not much of a cost. I can already see the Favre jersey frenzy that we be on it's way in the coming week.

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